Welcome to the website InvestAlone.com

The information on this website concerns research into companies that are listed on the stock exchange. The companies I research are done on my own initiative and without the help of external, professional investment advisors.

Following my personal due diligence that i carry out in 1st instance for myself in order to become a potential investment candidate to screen. I came to the idea of doing my own research and post them online to help other people gain insights, to decide whether or not they should invest in a company. I am of the opinion that one does not need analysts for this, as well as that every person who knows where to look for in the search to carry out a screening for a potential investment candidate. That is why I am now posting my company screenings online.

In the search for potential investment candidates, I take certain conditions into account. Based on these conditions, I select the companies that I personally consider worthwhile to screen and place them online here.

You can delve deeper into my knowledge via the links on the homepage and the screenings i carried out. If you have any questions or comments, you can always contact me via the contact me-button.

Hopefully it will help you gain more insight into how you might be able to screen a firm without the help of analysts. Enjoy reading!


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